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A Spirit of Welcome

Outreach is such an important part of GateWay’s mission that earlier this year, they left their rented commercial space for a more affordable spot in the local community center in order to free up more of the church’s funds for outreach.

U.S. Churches Unite to Promote Racial and Ethnic Reconciliation

National Unity Weekend believes that the change must first come from unity within the body of Christ and these heartbreaking developments in our nation will not cease without spiritual intervention.

3 Steps to Reach Your Community

Church members must challenge each other to see Christ in the hard and out-of-the-way places in the community and go there to be a blessing to the community.

How to Leverage Existing Ministries for Outreach

“You could launch new outreach ministries without removing any existing ministries, increasing your budget or adding staff.”

Doing Unto Others

Davis maintains that ministry shouldn’t be about serving at church on a Sunday morning, because those people are already saved. Instead, it should be about doing ministry on the mission field and talking to people who are unchurched.

An Easter Feast

Providing these groceries is just one way Madison Hills has served its neighbors through food.

4 Ways to Celebrate Christmas by Serving Together

Ideas for your Sunday school class or small group to connect with your community and each other this holiday season.

A Church for the City

They are always trying to figure out what would keep people from coming through the doors, then work to remove any barrier that could be a hindrance.