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Why Church Planters Are Stewards, Not Owners

"Church-planting pastors are most dangerous to their flock when they act as owners."

7 Pivotal Insights for Church Planters

When I was a new church planter, we ran from anyone who had any church affiliation. They weren’t our target. We didn’t want to offend other churches. In doing so, we robbed ourselves of potential leaders and kept some people from following the ministry God had laid on their heart.

6 Mistakes I Made as a Young Church Planter

Sometimes our failures help us—and others—to grow.

5 Bible Verses for Discouraged Church Planters

These verses have encouraged me in my work.

How 7 Veteran Church Planters Found Their First 50 People

Over the years, I’ve had a number of church planters ask me about the launch. After all, it’s one thing to take over an...

Why Do We Value Credentials Over Calling?

With church planters and pastors, we're overvaluing credentials over calling. Here's why we need more non-traditional leaders.