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Churches Are Receiving Less of Total Charitable Giving

Churches are getting less of the total charitable giving. Overall, charitable giving is on the rise in the United States, but churches are receiving a smaller and smaller portion. The bottom line is simple. People who give see the church as merely one option among many places to give.

Charitable Giving Strengthening in Post-COVID-19 Recovery

90% of donors expect to give the same or even more to charity this year compared with last year.

How to Properly Handle Donations

Make sure you're keeping track correctly.

What Should You Look for in Charities This Christmas?

Hint: Percentage spent on overhead might not be the best measure.

How Effective Is Your Donor Communication?

Valuable insights from The Donor Mindset Study, a series of research reports about American charitable donors

How a Personal Touch Drives Churchgoer Giving

More than half of Protestant churchgoers say a personal connection inspired them to give money to a charity for the first time.