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The Impact of Christian Celebrities on Evangelicalism

Who has defined evangelicalism—celebrities or the church?

Katelyn Beaty: Celebrities for Jesus

“Fame is at its finest when it comes to those who are not seeking it.”

Healing Ableism

On some level, it doesn’t matter if our heavenly bodies will be disabled or not.

Amy Kenny: My Body Is Not a Prayer Request

This book shows that the church is missing out on the prophetic witness and blessing of disability.

Outreach Magazine Names Resources of the Year

19th Annual Celebration of the Best

Kelly Kapic: You’re Only Human

I think we have a massive problem, but it is not a time-management issue.

Susan Mettes: The Loneliness Epidemic

Defuse the Underlying Issues That Take Pastors Down

Healing the Racial Divide

My top five books on race