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When Truth Is Not Popular

Billy Graham received criticism throughout his life simply for telling the truth. But we need truth more than ever.

Billy Graham

Lon Allison: An Ordinary Man and His Extraordinary God

How Billy Graham Maintained an Intimate God Connection

Throughout his life, Billy Graham, placed a high priority on spending time with God every day. Here's how.

Rick Warren: How Billy Graham Shaped My Life and Ministry

4 Things I learned about life and ministry from my relationship with Billy Graham (Photo courtesy of Rick Warren)

Matt Brown: Follow the Example of Billy Graham

"Perhaps few of us will speak to such giant crowds, but that doesn't mean we can't collectively impact our generation in the way he did his."

Greg Laurie: Tribute to a Faithful Servant, Billy Graham

"In all my memories of him, Billy just liked to sit around and chat and be a regular person. He would be as interested in you as you were in him."

Billy Graham: The Long Shadow of Influence

At the peak of Graham’s legacy was his driving conviction that every human being must come to a crisis point with Jesus. For 60 years, he lived it, preached it and drove it into the consciousness of evangelical America.

Tribute: Leaders Remember Billy Graham (1918-2018)

Many leaders, both past and present, spoke out to honor the influential preacher and evangelist.