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A Way to Organize and Understand God’s Gifts

When we do theology, our task is not to add to what God has revealed in the Scriptures, but to order it. Theology is a way to organize and better know and understand what God has gifted us in special revelation.

Obstacles to Seeing God as He Is

I believe the single most effective weapon against our joy in Christ and becoming who we are made to be is the lie that God is not who He says He is and you can’t trust Him.

Doing Contextualization at Home

Below is a very basic contextualization approach that I believe will prove helpful for conducting a fresh inspection of the cultures that our home...

3 Reasons Why We Should Listen to Spurgeon Today

Spurgeon is an example of a pastor who faced all the challenges of pastoral ministry, and yet was firmly committed to pastoring his church based on biblical and theological convictions.

J.D. Greear: Life Lived for Eternity

When you accept the call to follow Jesus, you accept the call to mission.

A Season of Waiting

Excerpted FromResuscitating EvangelismBy Jordan & Ernest Easley Most of us hate waiting. It doesn’t matter if we’re waiting for our family to get ready for...