Michelle Sanchez

Michelle T. Sanchez has served in various discipleship and evangelism leadership roles for more than a decade, most recently as executive minister of make and deepen disciples for the Evangelical Covenant Church. She’s the author of Color-Courageous Discipleship (WaterBrook).

Becoming the Best Neighbors

Obeying the Second Half of the Great Commandment

Whole-Life Apologetics

“Jesus and the apostles addressed people’s head questions with their words, but they addressed people’s heart questions with their lives.”

Healing the Racial Divide

My top five books on race

Being Color-Brave

“When we see color, our eyes can be opened in new ways.”

Healing the Racial Divide

My Top 5 Books on Race

Wide Awake

Deep change cannot be effectively pursued without deep consciousness and deep understanding of the world as it actually is.

Rediscovering Lament

In the midst of our pain, God invites us to respond with lament.

Bonhoeffer’s Black Jesus

RACE & THE GOSPEL When you think of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, what immediately comes to mind? Perhaps costly discipleship, German prophet or Confessing Church. Only rarely...