Erwin McManus

Erwin Raphael McManus is founder and lead pastor of MOSAIC in Los Angeles, and the author of several books including, most recently, The Way Of The Warrior.

The Strength of Peace

We must learn to find our peace, not from outside sources, but from the God who transforms us from the inside.

Erwin McManus: The Way of the Warrior

An Ancient Path to Inner Peace

Erwin Raphael McManus: With Your Last Breath

"If you truly live before you die, your life will have a power that not even death can conquer."

Erwin McManus: Act Like Your Life Depends on It

"When it comes to life, we get no trial runs. We get no practice games."

Erwin McManus: Imagine Tomorrow

When we stand in the intersection between time and eternity we break free from "what is" and bring into reality "what if."