Alan Briggs

Alan Briggs, an Outreach magazine contributing editor, is crazy about helping kingdom leaders uncover clarity, courage and health. He is a leadership coach, sabbatical coach, writer and podcaster. His experience as a pastor and church planting catalyst inform all of his work. Join the conversation at Stay Forth Leadership Podcast

Alan Briggs: We Get Back Up

It never gets old to watch leaders formed and shaped in the painful, yet necessary, crucible of struggle and come out the other side more resilient.

Alan Briggs: Practical or Spiritual?

I found myself getting swallowed by the practical and what I considered “unspiritual” tasks. Somehow I never got to the good things. I was doing subpar work, and it was wearing me down.

Alan Briggs: The Need to Return

It’s time to exit the survival mode and reconnect.

The Power of Hospitality

6 ways to make your home a blessing to others.

The Power of Naming Your Struggles

“We can't make progress until we make sense.”

Check Your Speed

A lot of leaders are running at a faster and harder pace than their teams or congregations can match, which could create more issues than it solves.

Leading From Abundance

Cultivating Sustainability and Longevity as a Leader

Remember Who You Are

“If we want a new, healthier future, we are going to have to measure and cultivate new and healthy things.”