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United We Stand

The primary value that emerged from the 48 unique values was family, with 61% of adults saying that family is a value they would be willing to fight or even die to protect or preserve.

American Parents Lack Robust Faith to Share with Kids

Shockingly few parents intentionally speak to their children about beliefs and behavior based upon a biblical worldview.

Research: America’s Religious Realignment

Major changes in America's faith profile

Research: Moralistic Therapeutic Deism on the Rise

According to new research from the Cultural Research Center, although 3 out of 4 people (74%) who lean substantially on MTD for life guidance consider themselves to be Christians, numerous beliefs held by MTD-reliant adults conflict with biblical teaching.

Survey: Americans Losing Grip on Basic Spiritual Concepts

The time is past to assume people have a basic knowledge of the Bible.

Why We Needed to Create a Cultural Research Center

Tracking the seven mountains of cultural influence.