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Burnout and the Backstage

In pursuit of healthier pastors and church leaders

How Healthy Is Your Church?

Church health never happens on accident.

Avoiding the On-Ramps to Burnout

It’s a daunting task, leading the church. Perhaps the greater challenge is leading ourselves.

6 Leaders: How Can the Church Engage Culture?

Six church leaders comment on the pressing issues of how we restore our credibility and reach a post-evangelical, polarized culture.

Reframing Hospitality in the Church

"My greatest discovery of the last 10 years has been hospitality—the call to an open life, an open home and an open table."

Alan Briggs: Unleashing Your Creative Genius

“Evangelism happens most naturally when we’re doing what comes most naturally to us.“

Alan Briggs: Redefining Creativity for the Sake of the World

"Our culture is waiting and watching for a group of people who are living for a mission bigger than themselves."

Alan Briggs: Flexibility and Multiplication

"When we take the church out of the building, things get messy, and we may lose any control we thought we had."