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Ed Stetzer: 3 Shifts to Increase Outreach

Three changes we can make to better reach our communities

Ed Stetzer: Living on Mission

We must be present wherever God has placed us, sharing the good news.

Ed Stetzer: Boost Your Capacity

Here are four tips for boosting your personal capacity.

Ed Stetzer: Christians in the Age of Outrage

How to Bring Our Best When the World Is at Its Worst

Ed Stetzer: Good News in This Age of Rage

Into a world marked increasingly be deep divisions, Christianity speaks a message of reconciliation.

Ed Stetzer: Reflections on Billy Graham’s Passing

Mourning the passing of a legend and one of the greatest Christian heroes of our time.

Ed Stetzer: Why Leadership Matters

Ed Stetzer: "As the pendulum continues to swing, remember: leadership is biblical, theological and contextual."

Ed Stetzer: Live First, Lead Second

If you want a church that's exercising outreach, you've got to model outreach.

Ed Stetzer: Reflections on the Megachurch

For all churches, large or small, my exhortation is to think biblically about how the church might make much of Jesus.
Ed Stetzer: Stand and Share—Part 2

Ed Stetzer: Stand and Share—Part 2

"It’s unfashionable to speak about eternal destiny, but it’s unfathomable to believe it and not tell people about Jesus.”