5 Evangelism Tips for Your Small Group

Simple and quick exercises added to small-group meetings can excite and encourage people to take their faith stories out into the community. Try these five ideas:

1. At each meeting, have a different person share his or her faith story/journey with the group (3 to 5 minutes). This is not only great practice but reinforces the idea that all stories are worth sharing. It doesn’t have to be a conversion story—it can also be the story of how God worked or is working through a specific event or issue in someone’s life.

2. During prayer, ask for opportunities to arise throughout the week—at work, kids’ activities, the gym, etc.—for group members to talk about their faith and share stories with others.

3. Make time at meetings for people to share about these opportunities if they arose—what they were afraid of, what worked, how people responded.

4. Pray for the people who heard your group members’ stories.

5. Consider hosting a fun, nonthreatening event (BBQ, family movie night, etc.), for group members to invite those with whom they shared their story. This reminds people that a faith story is only one small part of inviting others into Christ’s community. Relationships are crucial!


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