Teens and Social Media: 7 Tips for Youth Pastors

For teens, tweeting, posting on Facebook and even gaming probably don’t initially jump out as places to share Christ, but they can actually make great opportunities for evangelism, often seen by hundreds of people. Challenge students to think about ways to infuse their faith and exemplify Christ in their social media interactions—without being weird or pushy! Ideas to share with them:

1. Sometimes what you DON’T say or “like” is more important. There’s plenty of negative images and feedback out there—no need to add to it!

2. If someone shares a frustration, problematic situation or concern, let them know you’re thinking about them or praying for them. You don’t need to have answers or chime in with your own troubles. Simply let them know you’re supporting them.

3. Cool night with church friends coming up? Or fun weekend retreat? Post or tweet about it. Invite others.

4. Post on a friend’s wall for no reason except to tell them why you think they’re great and you’re happy to be friends with them.

5. Post pictures and then thank God for the beauty or friendships pictured.

6. Invite friends to serve with you at an area homeless shelter or food bank through a Facebook event.

7. Tweet only about things you’re grateful for—not things you’re annoyed with.

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