Small Church by the Numbers

Fast facts: Putting the small church in statistical perspective

Larry Osborne: Finding a New Measure of Success

"I discovered I really could find my identity in Christ, not the size of my church."

Dan Kimball: Celebrate All

"There is neither mega nor micro, large nor small, video venue nor house church, for you are all one in Christ Jesus."

Why Vision Needs Mission

Your church’s vision is all about what is possible, all about the future potential.

Thriving Small Churches Are Content, Not Complacent

Dave Jacobs: "A small church measures success by how faithful they have been with what God has given them."

A Thriving Small Church Honors the Past Without Living in It

"The small church cannot be viewed as a stepping stone to a large church ministry."

America's Rising Hispanic Church – Part 2

The Church, Immigration Reform, and Community Outreach: A Call to the Church

America's Rising Hispanic Church – Part 1

Understanding the Opportunity: The Latino Community by the Numbers

How Your Small Church Can Do a Great Community Service Day

Karl Vaters offers tips on doing a community service day with a small budget but big impact.

8 Steps to Creating Your Own PEACE Center

Saddleback Church’s guide to offering free community services at your church