Hugh Halter: The Power of Incarnational Ministry

"Jesus was a man of the people because he would rather bring healing to the sick than go to church on Sunday."

Loving the Lost, Engaging the Hurting

"Jesus was commonly criticized for spending too much time with sinners. How many of us could be accused of that?"

How to Create Everyday Missionaries

The three essentials that have created a missionary DNA at Transformation Church in Indian Land, South Carolina.

Beyond Invite and Invest: A Better Plan for Outreach

Is it possible our discipleship programs are actually preventing discipleship from happening?

Investing Outward

Brad Powell: "Leading a church out of a rut demands belief that the church's future begins now."

The Outside Jesus

When we compare the 1st century mission of Jesus with the 21st century church, one thing becomes clear: We have a penchant for the inside Jesus.

Soulfires: A New Direction, A Deeper Purpose

How a Little Boy's Request for Milk Ignited a Movement in Bolivia

How One Georgia Church Connects With Their Community

Serving Neighbors Practically, Spiritually and Relationally Through Laundry Outreach

The Why of What We Do

The way of Jesus was to include people in his life and then help them understand it later.

3 Ways to Live Out Your God-Given Originality

"You were made to be different, to stand apart, to be a genuine expression of the creative mind and heart of God."