What’s Trending in Multisite? 2017 Edition

What’s next? Here are some of the trends emerging from the multisite-church movement in 2017.

15 Common Church-Construction Mistakes

"The best intentions of decision-makers and church leaders may not help them avoid the pitfalls of a new church-building project."

10 Ways to Dramatically Increase Giving in Your Church

"It takes money to lead a church to experience dynamic spiritual and numerical growth."

Megachurch World: The Multisite Movement Goes Global

Churches are not just starting campuses across town, but across the world.

The Main Reason People Don’t Become Church Members

"Church membership should not consist of rules designed to keep people out, but ramps to help people grow."

13 Pastor Mistakes That Hinder Growth

"Here are 13 common mistakes that lead to sluggish growth, or even decline. Fix these and watch what happens."

10 Charges to All Church Leaders

Ronnie Floyd: "May these things bring encouragement and remind us we are all in this ministry life together."

3 Essential Beliefs of World-Changing Churches

"The only way to make an impact on the world is to see the whole church involved—to see every member become a minister."

Church Growth: 6 Signs of ‘Addition Addiction’

“Whether you’re a planter just starting out or the leader of a growing church, you’re vulnerable to addition addiction.”

14 Relational Tips for Introverted Pastors

"One of the common complaints I hear is churches wish their introverted pastors were friendlier and more approachable."