3 Strategies for Reaching the Dechurched

Ed Stetzer: "Some of the hardest people to reach are those who were once reached but are now unreached."

When It Comes to Changing the Culture, The Church Needs a New Strategy

Phil Cooke: "If all we do is complain, the culture will tune us out. At some point we have to reach out and start a conversation."

A Difficult but Important Truth About Church Planting

"Your ability to do the work to which God has called you depends on your ability and commitment to persevere."

3 Critical Components of Leading Others Toward Spiritual Renewal

"Radical acceptance and compelling challenge—both are needed for people to find their way back to God."

Greg Laurie: Right Place, Right Time

"I feel very strongly that if a person says they want to commit their lives to Christ, it should be acted on immediately."

7 Reasons Your Church Should Have a Ministry to Widows

Thom Rainer: "It is one of the clearest mandates of Scripture. It is also one of the most neglected mandates of Scripture."

How We Can Redeem the Refugee Crisis for the Sake of the Kingdom

“It would be tragic to miss this opportunity to see God’s kingdom expand among people who might otherwise never consider Christ.”

4 Responses to Cultural Change

Ed Stetzer: "The message of the gospel is necessarily countercultural and offensive to the human heart."

10 Must-Have Leadership Habits That Require Zero Talent

"The good news is, talent is overrated when it comes to making an impact as a leader."

How Pro-Life Are We, Really?

"As a people who claim to be 'pro-life,' can we agree to come back to the most central teachings of Jesus?"