The One Common Factor of Effective Church Leaders

Thom Rainer: "Is it possible to find one common factor in the lives of the most effective church leaders? I think so."

Ed Stetzer: How Resources Changed My Mind

"It seems that every young pastor thinks it’s necessary to reinvent everything—in their mind, only they can do it the right way."

8 Characteristics of the New Bivocational Pastor

Thom Rainer: "The new bivocational pastor is similar to the traditional bivocational pastor with some key differences."

5 Church Staffing Trends

William Vanderbloemen: "Look for leaders of leaders who naturally invest in others and create a culture of excellence."

The Best Way to Conclude a Sermon

"Most preachers spend far more time on the introduction than on the conclusion. That’s a mistake."

The Best Way to NOT Grow Your Church

"We have learned much about growing churches over the last 25-30 years. But sometimes I think we are trying too hard."

Worried Enough to Pray

"Greater is the occupant of Heaven’s throne than the occupant of the White House."

10 Things They Never Taught Me in Seminary

"It is impossible for seminaries to teach their students everything they need to know for future ministry."

6 Ways Ministry Spouses Get Hurt

Thom Rainer: "Sometimes ministry spouses are among the loneliest people in the church."

Decency for President

Max Lucado: "We stand against bullying in schools. Shouldn’t we do the same in presidential politics?"