Christiana Rice: Culture and Discipleship

"We need to learn reconciliation and unity. How can we love our neighbors when we can’t even love our sisters and brothers?"

Keith S. Whitfield: Culture and Discipleship

“We are not finished discipling until people are on mission—loving and serving others, making disciples themselves.”

Michelle Sanchez: The Road to Missional Discipleship—Part 1

“Discipleship isn’t robust unless it’s done in the context of mission, of evangelism—and that’s what Jesus did.”

Michelle Sanchez: The Road to Missional Discipleship—Part 2

“We’ve gotten distracted, but we need to focus more on our intentional process for making disciples who make disciples.”

Craig Groeschel: Irrational Generosity

"The moment we made that decision, it seemed like God blessed our church in a way he never had before."

Brian Orme: The Church in the Digital Age

"I believe there is a world that’s waiting for us to talk about the issues in a different way."

Alan Briggs: Flexibility and Multiplication

"When we take the church out of the building, things get messy, and we may lose any control we thought we had."

Andy Stanley: The Agile Apologetic—Part 1

“Theology should inform ministry, but if it limits whom you minster to, then you have the wrong theology. Just ask Jesus.”

Andy Stanley: The Agile Apologetic—Part 2

“Our current evangelical approach is becoming less relevant because it makes too many assumptions.”

Efrem Smith: ‘Equip Reconcilers and Disciple-Makers’

A 10-minute consultation to get your church moving again, from Efrem Smith of World Impact.