Matt Chandler: A Church Planter’s Heart

Matt Chandler: "When it’s my turn to go home to glory, I’d much rather leave behind hundreds and hundreds of gospel-rich churches than just one big church where I preached."

Charles Jenkins: Ministry and the Arts

The senior pastor of an iconic, historic, multiethnic and multigenerational church, Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, Chicago

Erwin McManus: The Soul as Art

"When I became a person of faith, to be perfectly frank, all the models for discipleship were suffocating to me."

Hugh Halter: On Mission and Beyond

Hugh Halter: "The goal is not that you have incarnational people, but incarnational communities."

Samuel Rodriguez: The Message and the March

“How can we be happy that we have a sanctuary that seats 5,000, when 10 minutes away there are people in poverty?”

Glen Peterson: Immigration and the Church

Glen Peterson: “Guiding immigrants through the logistics of the immigration process is a very profound way churches can help."

James D. Gailliard: A New Trajectory

"When ministry changes the direction and the trajectory of an individual's or a family's life, then it is successful."

Sergio De La Mora: The Pastor the Community Needs

”Ministry success for our church has become synonymous with effectively and strategically turning believers into disciples.”

Dean Fulks: Team, Team, Team

"I'm learning to ask, 'Who from our team should lead here?' I used to ask, 'What do I need to start doing?'"

Tyler Wigg-Stevenson: Is It Our Job to Save the World?

Tyler Wigg-Stevenson: “I think that the fact that we can’t fix everything is only a problem if you think that we ought to fix everything.”