Chris Stephens: ‘Jesus Never Defended Tradition’

"My greatest concern is that churches are hanging on to tradition and losing the power of the gospel."

Steve Poe: ‘Gratitude Grows Humility and Destroys Pride’

"My greatest concern for the church is the lack of biblical knowledge by many Christians today."

Todd Wagner: ‘The True Church Has Never Changed’

Todd Wagner: "My personal walk with Christ and with God’s people is why I am not stressed."

Pastoring Portlandia: Dispatches From America’s Post-Christian Frontier

What does it take to shepherd believers in America's post-Christian frontier? Cutting-edge savvy and old-time practices.

Pastoring Portlandia: John Mark Comer

“What a post-Christian world is making us do is get back to the the countercultural, revolutionary lifestyle of Jesus.”

Pastoring Portlandia: Rick McKinley

"The gospel is enough! We don’t have to sell out or hide in a self-protective group, shivering at the culture around us.”

Miles McPherson: ‘Our Culture Unfortunately Reaps What It Has Sown’

"I’m excited for the opportunity to reap the harvest as our culture unfortunately reaps what it has sown."

Jerry Harris: ‘Church Life Is Now an Alternative Lifestyle’

"Being different from the prevailing culture is the native ground of the church, and it’s exciting to think about what God might do."

Robert Morris: ‘Church Is Not About Competition’

"As I shepherd his sheep, I must lead as he’s called me to lead. I have an audience of one—and that’s God."

John Van Pay: The Simplicity of America’s Fastest-Growing Church—Part 1

"If you can stay the course, you see the lives of people change and that changes everything in the church.”