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Do You (Inadvertently) Treat Youth Pastors Like Second String?

Being a youth pastor is also a lot of work, full of odd hours, vastly varied responsibilities, and often unexpected moments wherein students need genuine pastoral care and wise counsel.

Greg Stier: Gospelizing Youth Ministry—Part 1

The key to discipling teens is teaching them to share their faith.

Greg Stier: An App to Unleash Youth Evangelism—Part 2

The Life in 6 Words app helps teens and adults share the gospel through a combination of tech and relationship.

Good Growth vs. Weeds in Youth Ministry

Quick growth is not necessarily good growth.

What Makes Youth Pastors Stay?

I never planned to be a youth pastor at the same church for 21 years, but here's how my church made it possible.

Why Is There a Shortage of Youth Pastors?

Several factors are contributing to the lack of available student pastors.