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David Kinnaman: Living Out the Gospel in Digital Babylon

The promise of Jesus is for this life and the life to come. There’s an opportunity that we have in this moment of spiritual openness that Jesus is well-regarded and well-liked and he seems to be beckoning people.

Dhati Lewis: Creating Space for Change in Your Community

I think if we're going to make disciples in the 21st century in a polarizing time, we've got to recapture the art of hospitality. Because hospitality is where we are able to make an enemy a friend.

Lee Strobel: Why Championing Evangelism Is More Important Than Ever

The unexpected adventure of evangelism is the joy and the excitement and the spice of the Christian life. Being active evangelistically raises all other areas of our Christian life.

Craft a Vision for Church Planting

In a culture awash in loneliness and isolation, the prospect of meaningful, kingdom-centered relationships centered on mission is a powerful vision.

Right-Sizing Our Expectations

When we start from a place of shared perspective and fervency, we can better refocus on our core mission: to show and share the Good News of Jesus with a world in need.

Mosaix Institute Hosts Church Economics Summit

Trained in theology and pastoral ministry, few church leaders understand the economics of churches, and fewer can navigate the increasingly complex financial issues facing a 21st-century pastor.

John Dickson: The Power of Persuasion in a Post-Christian Nation

Speak to the culture like you're in Athens, not in Jerusalem, and expect to be scoffed at and smile sweetly back, and expect some to give us another hearing, and others to believe.

Evangelistic Again

How Our Church Is Returning to Its Missional Roots