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4 Things to Ask Along Your Journey

We might not even realize our lives become filled with “Christian” things instead becoming full of Jesus.

When We Dismiss Our Deep Sorrow

Your faith doesn’t always demand for you to remember all the good God has done in your life in every moment, so that you will minimize the pain and sorrow you’re currently enduring.

More Than Getting Them to Church

It is our faith that unites us to other believers. We ought to be tethered together, invested in each other’s lives, and care for the faith of one another further than our conversion stories.

When Christian Morals Conflict With Job Policies

If the company is asking you to sin against another person, then you are running in direct conflict with the commands of God.

Blessed — More than a Hashtag

Based on its usage, to be blessed means something good has happened in your life. But the issue with defining “blessing” this way is how challenging it becomes to apply that definition to biblical descriptions of blessing.