Elliot Clark: Mission Affirmed

Mission Affirmed

Crossway, 2022

By Elliot Clark

WHO: Elliot Clark, a cross-cultural church planter who currently works with Training Leaders international. 

HE SAYS: “In my experience, our evangelical sensibilities that emphasize human powerlessness and God’s unmerited favor have, in some cases, inoculated us against the hope of pleasing God and receiving a recompense for our work.”

THE BIG IDEA: Using Paul’s writings as the foundation, this book explores what faithful gospel ministry looks like when God’s approval guides our ambition.

THE PROGRESSION: In eight chapters, the author looks at how the apostle Paul didn’t view missions as simply accomplishing a goal; he valued affirmation from God. This books helps equip local churches in the same way as they send out missionaries.

“Instead of rejoicing primarily in God’s power at work through us, we should boast in God’s astonishing grace to us.”