Andrew Farley: Twisted Scripture

Untangling 45 Lies Christians Have Been Told

Twisted Scripture
(Salem Books Reginery Publishing, 2019)

WHO: Andrew Farley, president of Andrew Farley Ministries and lead pastor of Church Without Religion in Lubbock, Texas.

HE SAYS: “The early church fathers held myriad views, some of which directly opposed each other. So, the idea that today we should always agree with the traditions and doctrines of the early church fathers is nothing short of absurd.”

THE BIG IDEA: Popular doctrines and denominational traditions aren’t necessarily biblically true. This book examines what the Bible says about such topics as water baptism, eternal security and more.

Divided into nine sections, this title is further broken down into various lies people believe. The first section, “Salvation,” examines predestination, justification, baptism and more while Section 2, “Eternal Security,” looks at falling from grace and losing your salvation.
Part 3, “The Old and the New,” discusses beliefs related to both the New and Old Testaments; Part 4, “Freedom From the Law,” studies tithing, keeping the Sabbath and Romans 7.
In the fifth section, the author explores our identity in Christ and what it means to die daily, put off your old self and give God the glory. In Section 6, “United with Jesus, the four lies cover getting closer to God, trying to abide in Christ, being filled with the Spirit and knowing God’s will for your life.
The next part, “Once-for-All Forgiveness,” explores confessing sin and understanding God’s forgiveness. Part 8, “Judgment, Punishment and Rewards” looks at gaining heavenly rewards, being afraid of God and passing through two final judgments.
The book concludes with “Church Discipline, Tongues and Health-Wealth.”

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“We can expect to go outside the walls of religious tradition to find the truth about Jesus and to honor all that he has done for us.”

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