Elisabeth Elliot: Suffering Is Never for Nothing

Never Before Published

Suffering Is Never for Nothing
(B&H, 2019)

WHO: Elisabeth Elliot, missionary, speaker and writer.

SHE SAYS: “Suffering is an irreplaceable medium through which I learned an indispensable truth.”

THE BIG IDEA: Jesus has walked the path of suffering and won victory on our behalf.

In this never-before-published volume, the author’s message on suffering is laid out very succinctly in six chapters. She begins by showing that we live in a fallen world in which we will suffer. She continues by explaining that God asks us to trust him, which will make it easier for us to accept what is happening.
Gratitude is the next step—it distinguishes the Christian, it honors God and it can prepare the way for God to show us his salvation. She concludes with chapters on offering our gifts back to God and having a transfigured view of suffering.

“If we learn to know God in the midst of our pain, we come to know him as one who is not a high priest that cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities. He is one who has been over every inch of the road.”

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