Megachurch Pastor Leads Riders on New Amazon Prime Show

Brian Tome leads a six-day adventure ride through Colorado and Wyoming.

Pastorpedia: Ministering to People on the Fringes

What do you do for the people dabbling with your church.

Video: Jesus Is Not (Simply) a Role Model

aka "Finding meaning in daily acts of good" from TEDxWileyCollege

Pastorpedia: Creating Personal Boundaries and Guardrails

What boundaries do you have in place to protect your integrity?

Pastorpedia: Changes in Pastoral Care

How to best support those who are under your care.

Pastorpedia: Leading Incremental Change

How to make important changes as painlessly as possible.

Pastorpedia: Determining What to Preach

How do you decide what to preach and when?

Pastorpedia: Feeding Your Soul as a Pastor

To minister to others, we must ourselves be healthy.

Pastorpedia: Assessing Your Church’s Effectiveness

How do you know you're succeeding in what you're trying to do?
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