Neighborly Faith Conference (Nov. 1–2)

Wheaton College Billy Graham Center, Nov. 1–2

Neighborly Faith Conference
December 13, 2018
Wheaton College
Wheaton, Illinois

Christians are called to love all of their neighbors, yet 91% of evangelicals say their current friends are “mostly similar” to them when it comes to religious beliefs (Barna). Perhaps this is why 62% of evangelicals recently reported anti-Muslim sentiment in their own communities.

Kevin Singer and Chris Stackaruk, Co-Founders of Neighborly Faith, met in graduate school at Wheaton College. Neighborly Faith began as a popular podcast, but has since grown to include a successful fellows program for evangelical students that provides training and seed funding to launch multifaith initiatives on campus.

On November 1–2, Kevin and Chris will return to Wheaton College to host the inaugural Neighborly Faith Conference in the college’s renowned Billy Graham Center. The conference is free for students and staff at Wheaton and other regional Christian colleges, campus ministries and church leaders. It is co-sponsored by the Wheaton College Bible and Theology Department, Small Groups and Discipleship Ministries and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

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