Red Revolution (small group study)

Adam Thomason: Seeing the World Through the Lens of Christ

Logan Wolfram on ‘Curious Faith’

Logan Wolfram: Rediscovering Hope in the God of Possibility

Break the Huddle, Grow Your Witness

"It is possible for communities to grow their witness."

What Happens When We Practice What We Preach?

Simply living out your faith day by day speaks the gospel more powerfully than any sermon.

How to Get Unstuck

Matt Perman: Breaking Free From Barriers to Your Productivity

Putting the Beauty Back in Evangelism

In reducing the gospel to a set of beliefs to be conveyed, we've lost sight of the beauty of the message. We must reclaim it.

Michael Fletcher: Empowering Leadership

How a Leadership Development Culture Builds Better Leaders Faster

The Power of God’s Transforming Presence

God's presence transforms everything. Everything that he has done, he has done to draw us to himself.

Cultivating the Virtue of Receptivity

Want to cultivate a receptive heart? Read the text and answer these questions.

Lessons Learned on a Bad Team

I always thought a team was something you were on, but I've since learned that team is a verb—something you do.