Children: 13th Annual Outreach Resources of the Year

Brian Dollar: How to Lead Kids Through Life’s Tough Topics

The Top 10 Reasons Church Visitors Don’t Return

"Churches perceive they are a friendly church because the members are friendly to one another. But they don’t think about walking in the shoes of first-time guests."

The New Copernicans

David John Seel Jr.: Millennials and the Survival of the Church

No Silver Bullets

Daniel Im: Five Small Shifts That Will Transform Your Ministry

Peter Scazzero: Rediscovering Holistic Discipleship—Part 2

Embracing discipleship as Jesus intended it creates revolutionary change in all your relationships and all aspects of ministry.

The Power of the 72

John Teter: Ordinary Disciples in Extraordinary Evangelism

The Marriage Challenge

Art Rainer: A Finance Guide for Married Couples

Your Marriage Today … and Tomorrow

Crawford and Karen Loritts: Making Your Relationship Matter Now and for Generations to Come

The Power of Gratefulness and Humility

Entitlement kills gratitude, so as we strive to do great things we must also cultivate humility to truly be successful.

How to Grow

Darryl Dash: Applying the Gospel to All of Your Life