Russell E.D. Rathbun: Finding Faith in a New Generation

Finding Faith in a New Generation
By Russell E. D. Rathbun (Judson)
A 2010 Outreach Resource of the Year

“Being a Christian isn’t about who we are, but about who Christ is. That is, Christ is our Redeemer and the author of the transforming love we seek to reflect as we live our lives. When we struggle honestly with what this means and how it can compel us to live our lives, those new generations who are barraged daily with deception and hollow content in the service of the hidden agendas of marketers, manipulators and cultural power players will recognize that they have stumbled onto something real. Even if that real truth requires us to confess our falseness and lies, those confessions are necessary if we are to invite non-Christian postmoderns to engage in this beautiful pursuit with us.” Russell E.D. Rathbun, from the book

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