We Are One

Christianity is not an "I" or "me" religion, but a communion of saints.

Jesus Makes All Things New

Jesus brings the former things to an end and makes all things new.

How Christianity Subverts the Wisdom of the World

The Apostle Paul expertly deconstructs the wisdom of Corinth to present a new vision in Christianity.

Gavin Ortlund: Finding the Right Hills to Die On

The Case for Theological Triage (Crossway)

Understanding Early Church Worship

The early church structured worship very deliberately and helps us understand the development of Christian theology.

Letting Go of Who We Want God to Be

What do you do when the god you imagine isn't the God who is?

The Uniquely Christian Vision of Eternal Life

Though pagan cultures had an understanding of some manner of life after death, the Christian conception of eternal life is unique.

Why Young Evangelicals Are Turning to Catholicism

Examining the motivations for the Protestant exodus

Why Heaven Is a Lot Closer Than You Think

Jesus preached the good news that the kingdom of God is now available to us.