God’s Kingdom Is a Utopia

Life in the kingdom of God is better than we can imagine.

Scot McKnight: The Life-Giving Breath of the Spirit

The Spirit of God is the one who brings life to our spirits.

Steve Wilkens: What’s So Funny About God?

A Theological Look at Humor

Jack Levison: The Spirit According to the Old Testament

A Boundless God (Baker Academic)

What Doctrines Are Essential to the Gospel?

Which doctrines make the gospel vulnerable or incomplete if they aren't present?

Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and the So-Called Secular

We have fallen for the false dichotomy of sacred/secular. In truth, every activity is religious in some form or fashion.

What Is the Flourishing Life?

Our theology should inform the way we think about the flourishing life.

‘With Whom Did You Dine Last Night?’

In Paul's estimation, the strong and weak should welcome one another as Christ has welcomed them.