Soul-Shaping Small Groups

Kim V. Engelmann: A Refreshing Approach for Exasperated Leaders

Soul-Shaping Small GroupsSoul-Shaping Small Groups:
A Refreshing Approach for Exasperated Leaders

By Kim V. Engelmann (IVP Connect, 2010)

“All of this illustrates what happens when a small group of people discover the reality of God in their midst. … There is a ripple effect. One stone thrown into the water creates ripples too numerous to count. One life changed, and more lives are changed. When we move away from formulas, manipulations, three-points-and-your-problems-are-gone simplicities; when we move toward a real God who loves real people; when we put our masks down and humbly trust in a God who tells us that anything is possible; things happen.” –Kim V. Engelmann, from the book

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