Journeys to Significance

Journeys to Significance:
Charting a Leadership Course From the Life of Paul
By Neil Cole (Jossey-Bass)
A 2012 Outreach Resource of the Year

“Journeys to Significance is one of the more interesting books to come along in a long time. Based on the life of the apostle Paul and his journeys, Neil Cole’s book explores the various stages in life a leader has to pass through and how each stage affects the next stage until the leader reaches a point of maturity in which ministry is maximized and contentment with oneself is achieved (unless the leader gives up along the way). There are two reasons to buy this book: one is to read a new and creative interpretation of the life of Paul; the other is to compare the lessons Paul learned on this journeys to how God is working in your own life.” —Bill Easum, from the March/April 2012 issue of Outreach magazine

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