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Discipleship and Spiritual Growth

Seize Each Minute

Excerpt From The Power of 1440 By Tim Timberlake When I was twelve years old, my father and I went to a shopping center in the fashion district in Los Angeles and...

Living on Mission: Macro and Micro

Excerpted from 'Walk With Me' (Moody Publishers)

Living as an Unconventional Pastor

Excerpted from 'A Burning in My Bones' (WaterBrook)

A Conversation With Author Randy Frazee

Lessons learned from a life following Christ

Saturday: The Time In-Between

Excerpted from 'The Gravity of Joy' (Eerdmans)

Jesus Christ: The First and the Last

Excerpted from 'This Hallelujah Banquet' (WaterBrook)

Living in the Age of Faith Deconstruction

Excerpted from 'After Doubt' (Baker)

J.R. Briggs: The Sacred Overlap

Learning to Live Faithfully in the Space Between (Zondervan)