Biblical, Theological, and Practical Perspectives
(Wm B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 2018)

WHO: Dean K. Thompson, president emeritus and professor of ministry emeritus at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, and D. Cameron Murchison, dean of faculty emeritus and professor of ministry emeritus at Columbia Theological Seminary.

THEY SAY: “There needs to be a relationship that evokes admiration and even love from those who would be mentored, so that they instinctively (consciously or unconsciously) yearn to have their lives mimic (imitate) such a trusted friend. From a Christian perspective, this may illustrate why Christ can be thought of as the primal mentor.”

THE BIG IDEA: A collection of perspectives on mentoring that are biblically grounded, theologically informed, communally diverse and generationally attentive.

Part 1, “Biblical Perspectives,” offers essays on mentoring in the Old Testament and New Testament respectively. Part 2, “Theological Perspectives,” examines four points of view on mentoring: theological-pastoral, pastor as mentor, ethical and feminist.
Part 3, “Diverse National and International Communities of Mentoring,” takes a broad look at mentoring both men and women from an African-American perspective, mentoring in the Roman Catholic tradition, what mentoring looks like in the Latino community and perspectives from East Asia.
”Generational Mentoring” is Part 4, a three-chapter section that incorporates discussions on building relationships with youth, and cross-generational mentoring.

“To have a mentor who abides and remains available in times of need and in situations of potential growth is to open oneself to life-shaping possibilities.”

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