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Christian Living: 14th Annual Outreach Resources of the Year

Adam S. McHugh: Embracing Attentiveness in a World of Distraction

Running From Mercy

Anthony J. Carter: Jonah and the Surprising Story of God’s Unstoppable Will


Alan Hirsch and Debra Hirsch: Reactivating a Missional Form of Discipleship

What You Can Learn From Your Painful Emotions

Contrary to what is natural, you need to learn to relate to, rather than ignore, your painful emotions.

The Strength of Peace

We must learn to find our peace, not from outside sources, but from the God who transforms us from the inside.

Subversive Kingdom

Ed Stetzer: Living as Agents of Gospel Transformation

The Danger of Putting Security Before the Kingdom

We can often make the pursuit of security into an idol that makes us easy mislead. Here's where we should look instead.

Disruptive Discipleship

Sam Van Eman: The Power of Breaking Routine to Kickstart Your Faith

Uniquely Called to Be a Pastor’s Wife

The role of a pastor's wife can at times be difficult, but I never regret doing what God has called me to do.


John MacArthur: The Hidden Truth About Your Identity in Christ