Missional Preaching

Al Tizon: Engage * Embrace * Transform

Missional Preaching:
Engage * Embrace * Transform
By Al Tizon (Judson Press)
A 2013 Outreach Resource of the Year

“Al Tizon carefully takes the popular “missional” word and shows in three foundational chapters how it is God’s middle name, how it should guide the way we study and preach the whole Bible, and how it cannot be separated from worship. All three of those are vital church issues, and the seven chapters that follow give specifics—some very difficult to do. They are about what a pulpit can inspire in mission, each with a related sermon on that emphasis, by seven different preachers. I grew up in the awful pulpit war of “win the lost” vs. “do the good” and have spent 46 years as a pastor trying to unite the two sides. Here is my new text book.” —Pastor Knute Larson, from the March/April 2013 issue of Outreach magazine

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