Bri Stensrud

Start With Welcome
Zondervan Reflective, 2024
By Bri Stensrud

WHO: Bri Stensrud, director of Women of Welcome.

SHE SAYS: “Christians must be people moved to compassion, as Jesus was.”     

THE BIG IDEA: This book offers the author’s personal journey through Scripture to help readers understand God’s calling concerning immigrants and refugees.

THE PROGRESSION: In nine chapters, the author breaks down passages of Scripture that address how God instructed Christians to treat refugees, provides moving stories, explains why this issue should be important to the church, and offers ways the church can help.

“We feed the poor, but do we know them?”   

Bri Stensrud
Bri Stensrud

Bri Stensrud is a human dignity advocate and the director of Women of Welcome.