Richard Averbeck: The Old Testament Law for the Life of the Church

The Old Testament Law for the Life of the Church
IVP Academic, 2022
By Richard Averbeck

WHO: Richard Averbeck, professor of Old Testament and Semitic languages at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

HE SAYS: “In one form or another the Old Testament law has been a subject of confusion, debate and outright theological and ecclesiastical division.”

THE BIG IDEA: An exploration of how God intended the law to work in its original context as well as the New Testament perspective of the law.

THE PROGRESSION: Part 1, “Covenant and Context,” deals with the covenants in the Bible, looing at how various covenants relate to one another. Part 2, “The Old Testament Law in Context,” takes a deep dive into Old Testament law, beginning with its relationship to ancient Near Eastern law collections. Part 3, “The Old Testament Law in the New Testament,” starts with Jesus and the law and continues into the book of Acts. 

“It is not a matter of whether the Old Testament law applies but how the New Testament applies it.”