Logan Wolfram on ‘Curious Faith’

In our Conversations series, we highlight six authors and the key ideas behind their new books.

Curious Faith: Rediscovering Hope in the God of Possibility
by Logan Wolfram (David C Cook, 2016)

Key Idea: “Cultivating curiosity is about uncovering new perspectives and understanding all around us. From trying a new recipe to exploring new relationships, curiosity opens us up to see and access more of the God of wonders in everything around us. Curiosity becomes a catalyst for more growth and possibility than we ever imagined and we begin to see more of God not only around us, but in us.”

Why Church Leaders Should Read This Book:Curious Faith is about uncovering fresh perspective both in our everyday lives and in our relationships with Christ. It’s easy to get bogged down with predictability and control (especially in ministry), and the beauty of living curiously is to inherit more of the kingdom of heaven in places we may have stopped looking for it. Ministry leaders will be encouraged and refreshed to not only uncover more of God for the people they influence, but for their own journeys with Christ.”

About the Author: Logan Wolfram is an interior decorator turned writer, speaker and host of the Allume conference, an annual gathering of Christian female bloggers and writers. LoganWolfram.com

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