Tag: Randy Alcorn

Giving, the Gift of Happiness

Sure, receiving a gift is great, and our hearts should be full of praise to God for what he has given us—first and foremost his Son, but also thousands of other smaller gifts we seldom think about.

The Divine Paradox of God’s Sovereignty and Meaningful Human Choice

We need to establish our positions in light of all Scripture, not just our preferred passages that support what we wish to believe.

What Is God’s Common Grace?

Another thing I appreciate about common grace is its irony. God gives atheists not only food to eat and air to breathe, but also the very minds and wills and logic that they use to argue against him.

Will We Know Everything in Heaven or Will We Learn?

If I can always be learning something new about finite, limited human beings, how much more will I be learning about Jesus in the ages to come?

Raising Faithful Stewards

Children who grow up getting most of what they want without having to earn it have a predictable future.

God Calls Us to Find Happiness in Him

You may not be accustomed to thinking that God commands us to be happy. But it’s a fact. And I’m betting it’s a command most of us would like to obey!

Studying God’s Word Will Change Your Life

There is no virtue in having a Bible sit unread on a shelf or a Bible app sit unused on your phone.

We Are Not Dying Out; We Are Hastening on to a More Glorious Life

Though I never read anything by Spurgeon in Bible College or seminary, once I discovered his books (and especially his sermons) he became one of my greatest sources of eternal perspective, joy, and insight.