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Natasha Sistrunk Robinson: Take Caution With Technology

The temptation of the Tower of Babel is humans using their God-given gifts to usurp God’s authority.

Natasha Sistrunk Robinson: A Safe Place for Women

When we survey Jesus’ encounters with vulnerable people—especially women—in the New Testament, we see him responding with kindness. Jesus loves and cares for the plight of women.

Natasha Sistrunk Robinson: Why Do You Want to Grow?

Not everything that grows is healthy.

Natasha Sistrunk Robinson: Ready for the Mission

Why are we not preparing more Christians to become ambassadors for Christ in their workplace?

20th Annual Outreach Resources of the Year: Social Issues

While acknowledging hits to the credibility, reputation and psyche of the church's collective witness, they passionately and practically encourage readers to see this not so much as a problem but an opportunity for the church to understand the times and know what is the best course of action to take (1 Chron. 12:32) in pursuit of systemic transformation for the sake of the gospel.

Natasha Sistrunk Robinson: Reading Women

When considering resources for our church, we must include the contributions of women. In recent years the hashtag #ReadWomen has surfaced to draw attention to this need.

20th Annual Outreach Resources of the Year

Discover new favorites and valuable tools that will enhance your effectiveness in ministry.

Natasha Sistrunk Robinson: Learning Spiritual Rhythms

We teach our children through our words and our actions. Consistently and intentionally practicing spiritual rhythms within community and across generations matters (Deut. 6:1–2, 31:9–13).