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Team-Based Leadership

Think of each person as having equal voice and vote but in recognition of specific gifting, experiential knowledge, and proven intuition, one of them getting two votes (so to speak) at any given moment, depending on what’s being discussed and/or related decisions that need to be made.

Mosaix Institute Hosts Church Economics Summit

Trained in theology and pastoral ministry, few church leaders understand the economics of churches, and fewer can navigate the increasingly complex financial issues facing a 21st-century pastor.

3 Issues That Stunt Our Multiethnic Growth

Demonstrating the gospel through unity is more important than ever.

Building a Multicultural Church in Salt Lake City

Spreading the gospel takes precedence over preserving a particular culture.

Healthy Cross-Cultural Ministry Relationships

We Must Value Relationships Over Tools

Toward Racial Unity

OneRace is tackling racism across the United States.

7 Guiding Principles for Advancing Peace

Help a divided world meet in the middle

Engaging Everyone to Love Our City

Crossover Church recruits service project volunteers from every demographic.