July/Aug 2011: Small Church America

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What’s featured in the July/August 2011 Outreach?

Small Church America
A Celebration


Each issue of Outreach magazine features stories from small churches, highlighting their ideas, innovations and ministry impact. Once a year, in the July/August issue, that is our singular focus.


“Kingdom Math” urges a redefinition of “success” as broader and deeper than what can be measured by numerical markers alone. Five inspiring stories of church change, one life at a time.

“Voices From the Front Line” introduces a dozen pastors from smaller congregations recounting “What I’ve Learned.”

“The Big Challenge of Small” and “Prepared to Think Small” explore the support networks and seminary preparation for Small Church America. Is enough being done for this majority of churches?

“Shaun King: The Outreach Interview” explores social justice and social media and the urban small church experience through the eyes of “Facebook Pastor” Shaun King. 






Local church outreach, cross-cultural ministry and outreach to children, youth and seniors


Ideas for outreach, the small church experience, retention, new life and church planting


The culture, the church, the question—an outside perspective





Ed StetzerED STETZER—As I See It: As president and missiologist-in-residence for LifeWay Research, Ed Stetzer is in a unique position to observe the American church and comment on trends in outreach. More »




Dan KimballDAN KIMBALL—Church on Mission: Santa Cruz, Calif., pastor and author Dan Kimball gives us a look at emerging generations and offers his thoughts on outreach and evangelism in a new world. More »




Brad PowellBRAD POWELL—Leading Change: Pastor and author Brad Powell offers his experience and insights to help churches realize their full potential and guide pastors through all types of church transitions. More »


Mark DeYmazMARK DEYMAZ—Ethnic Blends: Pastor and author Mark DeYmaz urges churches to embrace multiethnic ministry not just for the sake of racial reconciliation, but because that is what the church is called to be. More »




Bobby GruenewaldBOBBY GRUENEWALD—Innovate: LifeChurch.tv pastor, innovation leader Bobby Gruenewald scans the cultural horizon and calls the church to a creative and relevant response.



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James P. Long
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