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Delivering Hope

When visitors do decide to check out a Sunday service, Kelley says, they’re often happy to find a teaching team made up of four Hope pastors, plus two others from different churches, who rotate Sundays.

Tending to the Roots

People want to experience God, so Radiant has extended its worship sets a bit and left space for more moments of reflection to let people sense God’s presence.

Jeff Simmons: Becoming Faithful Stewards

When people give money, they’re giving it to the Lord. We have to be good stewards of that.

A Fruitful Harvest

Regardless of what the church does (or is unable to do at times) collectively in terms of outreach, individuals are encouraged to engage with the community and share the gospel wherever they find themselves.

Shauna Pilgreen: Love Listens

we come to know one another by translating Jesus in a way the culture can understand, because it means I’m breaking things down for both me and you. The more that happens, the more I come to know about Jesus.

A Multiplication Education

Redeemer had planted enough churches that it made sense to formalize the Redeemer Network in order to train, fund and support church planters and new church plants.

Community Through Outreach

We want a community, not just a church service.

A Comeback Story

Karen Smith credits much of that growth to how well the longtime members have welcomed new, younger members., Both groups have proven they're willing to compromise and adapt.