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How to Help Women Delve Deeply into the Word of God

As you get to know the women in your group, discover the unique gifts and talents and explore opportunities to connect them with church or small groups to help them grow in their discipleship journey.

Achieve a Strong Finish — Starting Today

Our personal growth isn’t solely forged through grand ministerial achievements or notable successes. Instead, it’s the culmination of the seemingly modest, everyday moments that truly mold us.

How Does Your Church Honor Women?

With evangelical churches often consisting of more than half of its members and volunteers being women, we see the fruit and faithfulness each and every week, and yet when it comes to the conversation about women in the Church it often gets hijacked with arguments around roles, office, and title, and in so doing we miss a bigger conversation around celebrating, equipping, and affirming the roles of women in our churches.

Mother’s Day — A Day of Celebration and of Struggle

Mother’s Day is a hard and complex day for many. Broken relationships, grief, childlessness, regret, and disappointment can often fill this day that is supposed to be marked by joy and honor.

A Must-Have Tool for All Leaders

If we never stop and evaluate how we are leading ourselves, and where we are spiritually, emotionally, and mentally, we will find ourselves burned out, self-absorbed, or even apathetic to the call God has entrusted us with.

Plan a Meaningful Year for Women

Community and connection are some of the key distinctions I see in ministry to women where we are able to help foster multi-generational relationships and offer moments to connect over shared experiences.