Ministry in Honduras Nears a Decade of Service to Street Kids

(Christian Newswire)—Since 2001, Project Manuelito has been working to provide a safe environment for more than 50 rescued street children to learn and grow in the city of Talanga, outside the Honduran capital city of Tegucigalpa. The Honduran and American staff demonstrate unconditional love, helping the children find their identities in Christ.


“My vision is to see kids rescued from their condition in the streets,” said Jorge Pinto, pastor and founder of Project Manuelito. “I want them to have the chance to become professionals.”


“Love is the key,” said Pinto. “Many of the kids have the opportunity to leave the project—and they have—but they always come back because we love them.”


Children like 4-year-old Michelle, who lived on the street with her mother and faced the daily challenge of finding money for food, are benefiting from the program today. Her little sister, Sayda, walked the streets with her, both struggling for survival.


“I went to the streets to beg for money,” said Michelle, now 12 years old. “I would rob money from the prostitutes.”


After facing unimaginable hardships, the girls were given hope. Pinto saw their desperate need and offered them a second chance. Since 2001, Project Manuelito has provided a safe place for children like Michelle and Sayda to live, grow and learn.


Michelle is thankful to have this chance. “God brought me here,” she said. “When I grow up, I want to be a social studies teacher for high school.” Sayda is also thankful to be a part of Project Manuelito. “When I’m here, I like to play, look at the fish and get in the pool,” Sayda said.


World Gospel Mission partners with Project Manuelito in Honduras.


World Gospel Mission disciples believers to become missions-active Christians. As an interdenominational missionary organization, WGM partners with individuals, small groups, college groups, and churches to intentionally address the physical and spiritual needs of individuals and communities.

James P. Long
James P. Long

James P. Long is the editor of Outreach magazine and is the author of a number of books, including Why Is God Silent When We Need Him the Most?