Convenient Connections: On the Growth Track

Want to help people connect with your church? Provide convenient connects ... now.

Try This: Hold a “Get Plugged In” Activities Fair

Hold an activities fair to involve members of your church who are still hovering on the sidelines

First-Time Visitor Gifts: 4 Things That Should Be Included

"A gift bag, if done well, can play a major part in a person’s decision to visit your church again."

Empowering Volunteers, Gateway to Growth

How Gateway Church volunteers play a critical role in helping guests take next steps

Plug First-Time Guests Into the Church Immediately After the Service

Experience Life Church helps first-time guests evaluate where they are on their faith journey immediately.

Church New Mover Program

Reach new neighbors and grow your church automatically.

5 Game Changers for Small Group Sign-Ups

How Grace Community Church got more people involved in small groups

Offer Interest- and Background-Based Small Groups

Idea Starter: The Church on the Way connects members with groups based on topic, season, ethnicity, formation and even homelessness.

Taking Common Ground to the Next Level

About 75 percent of Next Level’s attendees are involved in one of more than 100 interest-based Connection Groups