Offer Small Groups Trimesterly, With Start and End Dates

Next Level Church offers trimesterly small groups to account for the community’s snowbird culture.

Use Technology and Planning Tools to Grow Your Church

Church assessment tools let you measure progress toward growth goals.

Offering a ‘Middle Step’: First Church of God in Indiana

Associate Pastor Brandon Holler discusses the importance of equipping people to serve.

Plug First-Time Guests Into the Church Immediately After the Service

Experience Life Church helps first-time guests evaluate where they are on their faith journey immediately.

Send a Welcome Video to New Attendees

Idea Starter: Email a video of the pastor or church members saying ‘thanks for coming’

Church New Mover Program

Reach new neighbors and grow your church automatically.

Try This: Ask the Unchurched How to Make Your Church More Appealing

Idea Starter: Find out what your church is lacking by asking the unchurched

Simplified Discipleship: Calvary Fellowship in Florida

Founding and senior pastor Bob Franquiz explains the importance of keeping discipleship and retention simple.

Simple, Quick Onramps: Preston Trail Community Church

Serve and Engage Pastor Brandon Boyd is ready on the spot when people want to join Preston Trail’s family.

Let Congregants Connect Using QR Codes

Idea Starter: Create QR codes to drive people back to your church’s website.