Try This: Speak a Common Language

Your website should be written in language even non-Christians can understand.

Strategic Volunteer Recruitment: Christ’s Church Camden

Lead Pastor Scott Clevenger explains how intentional volunteer recruitment makes a difference at Christ’s Church.

5 Tips for Technical Arts

Technology can help attract and keep guests

Welcome New Neighbors to Town

Idea Starter: Let new home buyers know they’re welcome in town and in your church

Offer Small Groups Trimesterly, With Start and End Dates

Next Level Church offers trimesterly small groups to account for the community’s snowbird culture.

Reverse Retention: Disciple and Send

Lead Pastor Jason Brinker shares why First Baptist Jacksonville can't do retention.

Let Newcomers Know They Can Belong Before They Believe

Flatirons Community Church appeals to its non-religious community by disarming them when they begin to explore Christ.

Idea Starter: Make Newcomers Feel Genuinely Welcome

Try a handwritten note, a phone call or a personally delivered pie to thank them for their visit

Help People Find Their Unique Seasons of Growth

A personalized approach better equips people to take the right next step.

Emphasize Relationship Building

Cornerstone Christian Fellowship offers “small churches” to create intimate connections within a large church.